About the Wildlife Division

The Wildlife Division is the operational arm of the Wildlife Management Authority and the Wildlife Scientific Authority. It carries out the day to day activities associated with the regulation of the international wildlife trade. It issues permits and certificates for import, export and re-export, processes applications for licences and forwards the applications to the Wildlife Management Authority for decision, inspects holding premises for licensing purposes, monitors holding premises and coordinates activities for the Wildlife Scientific Authority.

The Wildlife Management Authority is responsible for the administrative aspects of wildlife trade regulation. It is responsible for issuing licences for commercial exportation and holding premises, granting permits and certificates, consulting with the Wildlife Scientific Authority on the scientific aspects of the protection of wild animals and plants and for preventing trade in or possession of wildlife contrary to the Species Protection Regulations 1999.

The Wildlife Scientific Authority advises the Wildlife Management Authority on matters relating to the importation or exportation of wildlife, the measures to be taken to limit the grant of export permits when the population status of the species so requires and whether a proposed import or export will be detrimental to the survival of the species involved.


  Wildlife Division. EPA Building, Ganges St., Sophia, Georgetown, Guyana
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