Administrative Division

The Administrative Division makes up part of the operational arm of the Commission and its primary responsibility is to provide administrative support to all departments. Some of these duties include:

  1. Procurement of capital and recurrent items.
  1. Ensure the continued existence of an efficient and effective financial system with sustainable financing for the Commission’s work programme.
  1. Oversee all vehicle use and organise logistics for the Commission.
  2. Plan and coordinate centralised supportive office services.
  3. Plan and direct portions of the Commission’s operational programmes.
  4. Plan and recommend to the Commissioner changes in Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs).
  5. Provide critical support to the Commissioner.
  6. Ensure that daily janitorial duties are executed.
  7. Oversee planned communication programmes.

The current organisational structure of the Administrative Department is as follows:

  • Administrative Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Drivers
  • Cleaner