Monitoring and Compliance Division

The extraction of our natural resources contributes the most to the GDP of Guyana and ecosystem services to the health of the nation. Wildlife, both plants and animals are at the core of these systems and therefore needs to be managed effectively.

Effective monitoring of all wildlife resources through every phase of its extraction and utilisation is a critical element in ensuring that the resource base is intact and can sustain future generations. To ensure such sustenance, a system that guarantees traceability of every link in the chain of custody of wild species of flora and fauna must be developed and implemented.

The Monitoring and Compliance Division, in collaboration with the other Divisions at the GWCMC, the relevant stakeholders and bordering countries, is responsible for the effective monitoring of the wildlife resources in Guyana and the Guianas (cross boundary species). Trapping, hunting, rescuing and releasing, transporting, exporting and importing are monitored to ensure the effective conservation of the species internationally traded, the species utilised locally and the species affected by extraction of other species.

Moreover, the Monitoring and Compliance Division is also responsible for responding to wildlife related reports which include wildlife conflicts, protected species in captivity and injured wildlife.

Legislation determines how and when wildlife resources are utilised and this utilisation will determine the status of the country’s wildlife resources. Let’s respect the wildlife legislation, utilise wisely and secure the future of our wildlife.