Licensing and Permitting Division

The Licensing and Permitting Division was formalised in June, 2018. Its work contributes to the conservation and management of Guyana’s wildlife through the use of a system of permits and licences. In accordance with the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2016, the Division is responsible for the issuance of permits and licences for the import, export, re-export or introduction from the sea of any specimen of wildlife. Additionally, the Division is also charged with the implementation and management of the licensing process governing the various categories of domestic wildlife use. The Licensing processes cover both commercial and non-commercial use of wildlife. Further, any person engaging in the commercial exportation or commercial importation of wildlife must keep wildlife in premises licensed by the Commission, in accordance with the Act.

The Licensing and Permitting Division is also responsible for the management and distribution of national and individual species quotas to ensure the sustainable use of our wildlife.