Flooding and Encounters with Wild Animals

Flooding and Encounters with Wild Animals

With the current flood situation in numerous parts of the country, there have been reports of wild animals being sighted, particularly snakes and caimans (commonly called alligator). This is to be expected since their habitats would have been disturbed. The GWCMC takes this opportunity to remind the public that all wild animals play an important role in maintaining life on earth. We understand that fear is a natural emotion when encountering these animals, however, they should not be killed unless they pose a direct threat to human life.

To safeguard life and property we advise the following:

– avoid interacting with displaced animals. These animals will return to their original habitat when the flood waters recede.

– Especially in the case of snakes, persons are advised not to overreact. Being agitated in the presence of a wild animal will in turn agitate the animal at which point they will try to protect themselves.

– Exercise caution when entering houses, storerooms or sheds since wildlife looking for refuge may temporarily inhabit these areas in looking for shelter.

– Do not walk bare-footed in flooded areas

– Exercise care when removing debris which can attract the prey of snakes such as rats, lizards and insects

Communities that require assistance in dealing with such situations are encouraged to contact the GWCMC.